Capricorn Bundle

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Capricorns light up any room which is why we made this yellow color-coordinated bundle! Btw, Capricorns have the best sense of humor ;) Gift this to your Capricorn friends because they deserve lots of love <3

This bundle is a $35 value so you're saving money when purchasing a bundle! 

It includes:

1. Diamond Sparkle Body Mist 

2. Rose-Gold Plumping/Toning Lip Oil 

3. Pineapple-Scented Exfoliating/Plumping Sugar Scrub 

4. Gold Butterfly & Star Choker

5. Champagne Gloss w/ Holographic Butterfly Charms

6. Pair of Butterfly Clips


Benefits of Gloss: 

-Gloss Base is clinically proven to

-Increase lip plumpness by 45%

-Decrease lip lines by 62%

-Decrease Scaling by 27%

-Decrease Cracking by 22%

- Silky Gloss Consistency

- Non-Sticky

- Long-Wear Formula

- Nourishing / Moisturizing


Benefits of Scrub:

- Moisturizing / Nourishing 

- Naturally Plumping

- Exfoliating 

- Healing 



Benefits of Lip Oil: 

- Plumping 

- Nourishing / Moisturizing 

- Healing 

- Toning


Excludes use of Promo/Discount Codes! 


Ingredients: TKB Versagel Lipgloss Base, Pigments and Glitters, Mica Powders, Grape-Seed Oil, Peppermint Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Holographic Butterfly Charms, Flavoring Oils


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