Pisces Bundle

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Pisces are known to be the most creative and empathetic signs. They are natural born healers and will love unconditionally which is why we chose our blue glitter gloss to showcase their vibrancy! 

Show your forever Pisces Bestie how much you appreciate them with our bundle.

This bundle is a $35 value so you're saving money when purchasing a bundle! 


It includes:

1. Diamond Sparkle Body Mist 

2. Fruity Plumping Lip Oil 

3. Peppermint-Scented Exfoliating/Plumping Sugar Scrub 

4. White Butterfly Huggies 

5. Playboy, Our Blue Glitter Gloss

6. Pair of Butterfly Clips


Benefits of Gloss: 

-Gloss Base is clinically proven to

-Increase lip plumpness by 45%

-Decrease lip lines by 62%

-Decrease Scaling by 27%

-Decrease Cracking by 22%

- Silky Gloss Consistency

- Non-Sticky

- Long-Wear Formula

- Nourishing / Moisturizing


Benefits of Scrub:

- Moisturizing / Nourishing 

- Naturally Plumping

- Exfoliating 

- Healing 



Benefits of Lip Oil: 

- Plumping 

- Nourishing / Moisturizing 

- Healing 

- Toning


Excludes Use of Promo/Discount Codes! 


Ingredients: TKB Versagel Lipgloss Base, Pigments and Glitters, Mica Powders, Grape-Seed Oil, Peppermint Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Holographic Butterfly Charms, Flavoring Oils